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“Peace by Piece” Newsletter

“Peace by Piece” Newsletter
 \  “Peace by Piece” Newsletter

Stay informed and keep up-to-date with our school activities and events by reading our “Peace by piece” monthly newsletter. Parents of our students contribute and send us articles to share their ideas, comments and suggestions.

Why “Peace by Piece”?

The name is a reflection of our work, approaches and values. Dr. Maria Montessori envisioned world peace starting one child at a time. Her mantra was, and remains today, “peaceful child, peaceful world.” Similarly, we strive to help our children build their peace with little pieces they collect every day…  It may be learning how to talk about their feelings, do things at their own pace, or simply seek comfort.


    We can accommodate food sensitivities and allergies, as well as restrictions. We will tailor the menu to your child’s needs.

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    We are a members of the Quality First – a community-based initiative for improving the quality of licensed childcare programs in Halton Region.

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  • HI MAMA!

    “Hi Mama” is a child care software our teachers use to keep parents posted with pictures and a report on their child’s activities throughout the day.

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At Peace of Mind Montessori School, we empower your child to become a self-motivated learner, a creative and critical thinker, a responsible member of the community, and a passionate life-long learner.

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