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At Peace of Mind Montessori School, we have a set of core virtues that help guide the work we do with the children at our school. We believe in and apply: Tolerance & Compassion, Positive Attitude, Generosity, Gratitude and Passion.

These virtues are defined as follows:

Tolerance and Compassion

To understand the circumstances and viewpoints of others, acceptance of other’s opinions, respect for life and the environment. Learning to live in a diverse society is an essential task of peacemaking.

Positive Attitude

Having a positive attitude, children will be able to move forward and have faith that life will bring them happiness. Exhibiting positive behaviour is important because children will say things and act as what adults do.


Generosity is practiced by sharing with other children. When children are more likely thinking of what they want for themselves, we explain to them that it is also important to give to those who are less fortunate. Donate food or clothing to a charity or buy gifts for a family in need. (is this something you do at the school? Donation drives etc.?) This helps children realize that it’s not all about taking but the giving of themselves also.


To be thankful every day, even for the smallest things, like the beautiful weather or a smile from someone. To be thankful for family and friends, for their food, clothing, and shelter, and for their health. Appreciation for all that they have.


For life, for the people & things they enjoy. Passion makes children excited about life and encourages them to strive higher and be better people. By showing enthusiasm for even the smallest things. The energy will pass on to the children because they will see how wonderful life is.

At Peace of Mind Montessori School, we empower your child to become a self-motivated learner, a creative and critical thinker, a responsible member of the community, and a passionate life-long learner.

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